I write about you


My name is Tim Adams and I am a copywriter. My specialty is writing ‘About’ pages for companies, individuals, organisations, entrepreneurs, institutions and startups.

About you

The 'About' page is one of the most visited pages on any website. It’s the place where prospective clients and customers go in order to decide if you’re for them and one of the earliest stages in the customer decision journey. It tells your story and creates trust.


Let me look over your ‘About’ page, and your competitors’ and your customers’ and propose how you can attract new customers, reassure existing customers and distract your competitors. It may be doing that already. Then there’s nothing for me to do. You may want to make it better. Then I want to help you.


The copy writeover concept is simple. You might want to do it yourself. I go to your ‘About’ page, or any other page you think could be better. Together we identify the pillars that hold up your business, form your character and attract customers. We sharpen the details, make your message stronger and resend it.


Does your ‘About’ page make people feel that they want to contact you and set up a meeting? Does it make them feel that they can trust you? That you can help make their business grow? In the world of business-to-business communication, the ‘About’ page is the place potential partners go to learn what you can do and why they can trust you. That is where you can grow.


If you feel that your ‘About’ page could be better, you’re probably right. Send me a link to your website. I will reply within 2 business days with a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
A legally binding NDA lets us talk freely and protects our integrity.

Send me an email and let's get started - tim@adams.se

Tim Adams