I write for you


My name is Tim Adams. I am an experienced copywriter with a background in mobile communications and mechanical engineering and I have a natural understanding of how people react to words.

This much I know

In the minds of potential customers, if your words are not clear, effective and reliable, then either is your product. The slightest lack of quality in your writing, their trust is gone.

Your product copy

You have a product or service. Call me in and let me rewrite your product copy. Your existing and potential customers will feel that you understand them and care about them. That is all they want.

Words count

It must be short. Give your customers the understanding they deserve by keeping your message short, very short. Make it relevant. Make it useful. They will love you for it.

Copywriter colleague

Imagine having someone you can go to every time you’re stuck for words. A sentence in a company presentation, a rewrite of some web text, a short press release, a product launch, a technical white paper, your about page, instructions, help texts … just call me in. It's easy.

Copy costs

If you’re worried about the cost of getting an experienced copywriter to clean up your communications, don’t be. You can afford it and it’s worth it. I promise.

Send me an email, let's meet and let's get started - tim@adams.se

Tim Adams