Irish Flute LITE by Tim Adams 

Handmade Irish traditional flute. Irish made, in Sweden

Inside this sturdy cloth case there is a fine Irish keyless flute made by Tim Adams, a Dubliner living in Sweden. It is accurately tuned in D4 major and you can play it easily over two octaves.

If you order today I will make a flute for you and be ready to send it to you in up to 12 weeks, at the most. If I have one already made, I will send it off tomorrow.


Irish Flute LITE™ African Blackwood + case and accessories: 460 EURO
Shipping cost: 20 EURO to anywhere

In the kit

3-piece wooden flute
Flute case
Rico cork grease
Tuning/cleaning rod
Adams F plug
Cleaning cloth

An Irish traditional flute for you

Irish Flute LITE™ is designed for players at every level. It has a unique sound and personality. Experienced players carry it as a compliment to their more conventional-sounding concert flute and choose it for special tunes and occasions. It plays fast, it has character and it is intimately responsive to your breath, embouchure and playing style. Less experienced players enjoy a flute that is easy to play, and they can develop their technique, from the start, on a quality woodwind instrument to be proud of.

Design identity

I have chosen to give my version of the traditional Irish flute its own unique identity – IRISH FLUTE LITE™. Why? Because it is designed to stand out and be different. It is easy to play, comfortable, small hand friendly, lighter by design (by ca. 150 grams) than a conventional traditional Irish concert flute model, relatively affordable and easy to care for.
And you don’t have to wait forever!

Small hands? Not a problem.

Most traditional Irish flutes based on 19th century English and German flute models are difficult to play for people with small hands. The tone holes are too far apart. I have brought the tone holes closer together to make Irish Flute LITE™ easy to play, for everybody.

Wood origin

I buy my wood in matured square blanks from responsible suppliers of excellent tonewoods. The African Blackwood is sourced via Espen is FSC certified and adheres to sustainable forestry standards. I trust their reputation.

Information Covid-19

If you are hesitating to request an Irish Flute LITE for trial because it might be infected with Covid (because I breath/blow into the flute when I am tuning it), here is some information:

Irish Flute LITE is lightly disinfected with a non-alcohol-based disinfectant, after I tune it and before I oil it.

WHO (World Health Organization), and other sources, say that Covid-19 can remain active for a maximum of four days on surfaces such as wood and metal. Use gloves to open the package (it has recently been handled by post/mail personnel). After that, the flute and case are safe.

I have not had Covid-19 or any similar symptoms. I am fully vaccinated.

Tim Adams

Timothy Adams
Klockaregårdsvägen 3
276 30 Borrby

Call or text: 0046 706 215818

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